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Spend 12-18 months in a high-growth US or EU startup.

The Profile

A computer science, software or hardware engineering university student, graduate, or a young professional with 5+ years in the industry who wants to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic startup environment, is ambitious, motivated, proficient in trending technologies, learns gladly and quickly, and strives to be challenged and to make an impact.

The Process

Apply online anytime, get feedback, meet with us for an initial discussion, complete a coding challenge, get screened by our mentors, and receive a decision.  We do our best to match your skills, experience, and preferences with startups' needs and culture to find the ideal workplace for you. This process usually takes between 2 to 4 months. It takes another 2 months to obtain a J-1 visa.

The Deal

You'll receive mentoring and support throughout the admission process and during your stay abroad, a paid-for J-1 visa (in case of US placements). A livable salary and invaluable experiences are guaranteed.


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When can I apply?

Anytime. We collect applications on a continuous basis.

Can I apply for a summer internship?

In case you are interested in working with an EU startup, then yes. If you are aiming for the US, you need to commit for 12 months.

Can I apply with a different degree?

Our focus is on software and hardware engineers. You do not necessarily have to have a relevant degree, but the necessary skill set and experience to become a full-time junior engineer are a must.

Can I apply if I am not Czech or Slovak?

Our current focus is on future Czech and Slovak stars.

Which company will I work for?

We do our best to match your skills and preferences with the needs of the startup. We strive to place starlifters into well-funded companies of approximately 30+ people, to ensure a stable yet high-growth and dynamic environment. We welcome receiving a wishlist of companies based on your own research.

How do I get a visa?

We contract with a qualified US immigration lawyer and a J-1 sponsor. You will work with the company to prepare a so-called “training plan,” required for the visa application. The actual application process takes approximately 2 months, with the final appointment taking place in person at the US Embassy in Prague or Bratislava. We cover all the processing costs.

How much will I get paid?

The salary is subject to the specifics of each location. It will not buy you a Tesla, but we guarantee it will cover all necessary expenses if you live reasonably. Make sure you have enough cash to last until your first paycheck.

Do I pay for my travel?

Yes, you are responsible for your round-trip travel.

Where will I live?

You are responsible for finding accommodation. We do our best to provide information, insights into each location, and a network to make the search process as smooth as possible.

What support will I get on the ground?

We will check in on a regular basis and be at your disposal 24/7. We connect you to our trusted friends in each location, so you’ll have someone to show you around, introduce you to the local network, and be there in the unlikely case of an emergency.

What happens after StarLift?

You are welcome to join the host company indefinitely. Note that in the case of the US, the company needs to obtain a full work visa for you. Otherwise you can work for the company remotely or find a new opportunity. Once a starlifter, always a starlifter - we do our best to provide whatever support we can to ensure that your learnings and experience are sustained and developed further.

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